‘Nine’ by Mekci [Progressive House]

“Nine” by Swedish producer Mekci is a prime example of Progressive House that combines energetic and epic moods. The track showcases the author’s skill in creating catchy progressive vibes, keeping the listener engaged throughout the track. Utilizing carefully crafted baselines, airy arpeggios and powerful drops, Mekci shows a deep understanding of style and attention to detail.

If you appreciate quality Progressive House, be sure to listen to Mekci’s “Nine” and immerse yourself in its epic and energetic sound.

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Mekci
Title: Nine
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House.


The beginning of the track is built on a powerful, but not aggressive bassline. This element immediately sets the dynamics. Bass sits tightly in the mix, not drawing too much attention to itself. The sound design is clear and neat, which speaks about the thoughtful work on low frequencies.

Then synthesizer arpeggios come in. They give the track a characteristic progressive vibe. The sound of the arpeggios is airy, with bright filters and reverb that adds depth. These elements create the illusion of spaciousness and elevate the track to a new level.

The main melody is simple but catchy. Mekci manages to keep the listener’s interest by slowly but surely developing the theme. The melodic lines smoothly transition into each other, creating a feeling of continuous movement. This is typical for Progressive House, where gradual evolution of sound is important.

Mastering is done qualitatively. The track sounds clean and loud, without clipping. Frequency balance is maintained, which allows each element of the mix to find its place. It is especially worth noting that Mekci doesn’t abuse compression, preserving the dynamic range.

“Nine” is a professionally produced track that reflects Mekci’s skill at creating memorable progressive vibes. It keeps the listener engaged from start to finish, utilizing all of the genre’s strengths.

Mekci – Nine [Progressive House]

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