Dvizhizn is a deep and layered techno music podcast!

Friends, if you love techno music as much as Valera Unusov, then you should definitely listen to the new regular podcast from our #it’s_not_techno section. In it you will find not only fresh, but also upcoming tracks. Dvizhizn is an amazing combination of deep and layered sounds that take you to another reality. Enjoy these sounds and discover new facets of techno music. Subscribe to our channel and stay up to date!

techno 2023 техно музыка

Upcoming tracks:

Track list
Estella Boersma – Dazed
Human Safari – White Collar Addict
Valera Unusov – UFO
Azogiař, Luca Maniaci – Stealth (Luca Maniaci into The Storm Mix)
Valera Unusov – Gerbert ( Club mix )
Linear System – Space Exploration 38
Alfonsvs, Answer Code Request – Physical Education (Answer Code Request Remix)
Benjamin Damage – Montreal
3KZ – A Love Supreme
Jin-Su – Mambo
Gotshell – Espectros
Arthur Robert – Achiever
Boston 168 – Second City
Introversion – REM
Hedström & Pflug, Delano Legito – Imitation (Delano Legito Remix)

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