‘Fashion Trip’ by Nicola Girardi [ Minimal House ]

Nicola Girardi from Italy gave the world a track called “Fashion Trip” – in Minimal House style. This track, laced with female vocals, has a powerful rhythm and energy worthy of the dance floor. Attention to details is undoubtedly present: saxophone parts are woven into the composition, adding an unexpected but pleasant charm.

обложка трека , механические детали

Artist: Nicola Girardi
Title: Fashion Trip
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal House

Minimal House, presented in this track, is felt through “cosmic” sounds, which harmonizes with the overall concept. Girardi skillfully combines minimalism with hypnotic atmospheres, creating a sonic web in which it is easy to get lost.

The middle of the track brings something: a jazz trumpet fits into the musical canvas, emphasizing the track’s connection to jazz music. This clever move gives the track uniqueness and charm, setting it apart from similar compositions.

However, “Fashion Trip” is not only fascinating music, but also a story. The track tells about the inner journey of a former drug addicted model on the runway in Milan. Here, in the fashion world, she takes a pill that becomes a ticket to an amazing journey through the universe. This immersive musical and cosmic saga adds depth and interesting context to the track.

Nicola Girardi with “Fashion Trip” did not just create a minimal house track, but offered a real adventure with a story, where every note is a step in the universe of his own musical world.

Nicola Girardi – Fashion Trip [ Minimal House ]

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