‘GUTO GUTO’ by MARKEM & Nolek ft. MC Talibã [TechHouse]

“GUTO GUTO” is an explosive track that slices musical waves with its bold blend of TechHouse and Brazilian vocals. Markem, Nolek and MC Talibã combine their musical vibes to create this TechHouse “anthem” .

обложка трека , механические детали

Artist: MARKEM, MC Talibã , Nolek
Genre: Electronic
Style: TechHouse

Markem and Nolek’s collaboration is an organic union, combining production experience and a desire to explore new sonic territories. “GUTO GUTO” is the result of this inspiring union, an explosive track destined to take over the dancefloor under its influence.

MC Talibã, with his lyrical prowess, gives the project an added dynamism. The artist’s Brazilian vocals fill the track with the soul and atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro, transporting listeners straight to the carnival.

“GUTO GUTO” is a dance floor anthem, an embodiment of the power of musical collaboration. The rhythms are infectious and the vocals are captivating, creating a sonic journey from tek-house to Brazilian exotica. Markem, Nolek and MC Talibã have achieved a synthesis of two musical worlds in this track, blending the best of both. “GUTO GUTO” is an ode to innovation and uniqueness in music.

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