‘Freak The Funk’ by Airwolf Paradise [Old-school House]

“Freak The Funk” by Australian musician Airwolf Paradise is a true rarity from the world of Old-school House. This track completely captures the atmosphere of the early 90’s, staying true to the legendary stylistic traits of this era.

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Artist: Airwolf Paradise
Title: Freak The Funk
Genre: Electronic
Style: Old-school House

Airwolf Paradise knows exactly how to create an anthem for DJs. Freak The Funk is not just a track, it’s a statement. It’s already been tested on dancefloors and burned them in the night’s flames.

The energy hits you in the face like you’re back in the days of true raves. The vocal looped sample is the real driver of this track.

The track epitomizes the spirit of early raves and nightclubs where house music reigned supreme. The rhythm and melodies in Freak The Funk keep you moving and dancing, and that is definitely its strong point.

Airwolf Paradise, known for its quality attitude, provides this track for free, allowing more people to enjoy his music even offline. It also characterizes the spirit of the electronic music community, where artists share their work with fans.

Airwolf Paradise – Freak The Funk [Old-school House]

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