‘Silver’ by Sanoi ft. Beacon Bloom [Organic / Melodic House]

“Silver” is a new track by Sanoi (Jonas Fischer) and vocalist Beacon Bloom, included on the album “Echoes of Home”. Sanoi is a true guru of New Zealand electronic music and “Silver” is a perfect example of Organic / Melodic House.

абстракция в виде паутины, обложка альбома

Artist: Sanoi ft. Beacon Bloom
Title: Silver
Genre: Electronic
Style: Organic / Melodic House


This track, as part of the album, is a real feast for the ears. It combines elements of dip-house, techno and organic. Energetic rhythms and captivating melodies create an atmosphere that is sure to get you moving on the dance floor, despite its instrumental nature.

Undeniably, the skillful vocal performance of Beacon Bloom (Ryan Ferris), gives the track emotional depth and strong character. The vocal lines flow in harmony with the musical background, creating a completely unique sound.

“Echoes of Home” as a whole is a musical journey, and “Silver” stands out as its brightest gem. It doesn’t just complement the album, but is its emotional and musical apogee.

Created at home in Auckland and sampled at live shows in New Zealand and Australia, “Echoes of Home” and “Silver” usher in a new chapter in Sanoi‘s musical oeuvre. His music is now also available on vinyl in a limited edition, making this release even more special for collectors and true Organic / Melodic House lovers.

Sanoi ft. Beacon Bloom – Silver [Organic / Melodic House]

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