‘IBIZA’ by Tom & Collins, Jaded, CRCLE [TechHouse]

“IBIZA” by the collaboration of Tom & Collins, Jaded and CRCLE is a track that aims to capture the spirit of its titular island. From the very first seconds, the track sets an energetic and happy TechHouse mood ready to blow up the dance floor.

“IBIZA” is definitely a banger for this summer season. The track gets you moving and its mood is perfect for beach parties not only in Ibiza.

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Tom & Collins, Jaded, CRCLE
Title: IBIZA
Genre: Electronic
Style: TechHouse.


The bass line, although fairly typical of TechHouse, sounds very convincing. The kick drums are crisp and punchy, maintaining an energetic rhythmic foundation. This helps the track stay upbeat and dynamic throughout.

The vocals are one of the key highlights of this track. The female voice repeating “I-BI-CA” beckons and draws you to the dance floor. The tonal shifts used in the track add experimental notes to it. These moments create interesting textural layers and help hold the listener’s attention.

“IBIZA” by Tom & Collins, Jaded and CRCLE is a bright and energetic track perfect for summer dancefloors. It successfully captures the party atmosphere of Ibiza with its powerful bass, exciting rhythm and tantalizing vocals. “IBIZA” is sure to be a favorite at many parties this summer.

Tom & Collins, Jaded, CRCLE – IBIZA [TechHouse]

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