Premiere: ‘D0Bi Tape’ by Valera Unusov [Techno]

Track “D0Bi Tape” by Valera Unusov offers an energetic and dark mood characteristic of Raw and Hypnotic Techno styles. From the very first beat of the bass drum you can feel the power and aggression that permeates the whole composition. However, despite the intensity, the track does not lose its hypnotic nature.

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Valera Unusov
Title: D0Bi Tape
Genre: Electronic
Style: Raw / Hypnotic Techno.


What really stands out in this track is the unexpected combination of textures and percussive elements. The initial beats set a harsh rhythm, while the percussion sounds add fresh energy, creating a truly slam atmosphere. Here the author demonstrates his ability to combine roughness and delicacy in one canvas. The use of syncopated beats and bright accents gives the track an unusual liveliness and dynamism.

“D0Bi Tape” is a deep immersive track that takes the listener into a world of hypnotic electronica and techno. Mixing elements of Raw and Deep Techno, Unusov creates a unique sound that penetrates the deepest corners of the mind. Monotonous but hypnotic melodies lead you through dark corners of the soundscape, making you lose yourself in time and space.

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