‘Lazy Sunday’ by Paul Roux , In Anima [Progressive Breaks]

“Lazy Sunday” by Paul Roux and In Anima is an atmospheric piece that perfectly captures the spirit of Progressive Breaks . It combines a calm atmosphere and auditory experimentation that makes the listener fall into deep self-contemplation.
The rhythmic structure of the beat, unobtrusively kept in the background, creates the perfect foundation for thoughtful listening.

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Paul Roux , In Anima
Title: Lazy Sunday
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive Breaks / House.


Especially interesting are the experimental sounds that periodically penetrate through the musical canvas. They give the track freshness and originality, not letting it get bogged down in monotony.

“Lazy Sunday” fits perfectly into the atmosphere of a relaxed day of rest. It creates an atmosphere of self-reflection and allows the listener to immerse themselves in their own thoughts without being distracted by unnecessary things. The dynamics of the track can also inspire movement and emotional response in listeners, transporting them to the harmony of rhythm and sound on the dance floor.

But perhaps one of the most striking features of this track are the epic synthesizer chords. They give the composition emotional depth and majesty, at the same time not interrupting the overall relaxed mood.

Thus, “Lazy Sunday” becomes an ideal accompaniment for those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of progressive sound during their vacation without losing touch with reality or to diversify their progressive DJ set.

Paul Roux , In Anima – Lazy Sunday [Progressive Breaks]

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