‘Sometimes’ by Sepp [Minimal House]

The track “Sometimes” by Sepp is a real find from the world of Minimal House. It is able to intrigue and mesmerize the listener from the first notes. There is something deep and fascinating hidden in its sounds, offering to explore the world of minimalism from a new and exciting perspective.

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Sepp
Title: Sometimes
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal House


Sepp skillfully plays with elements of Minimal House, creating a powerful groove that doesn’t lose its intensity throughout the track. For example, the use of a variety of rhythmic chords adds texture and dynamics, preventing monotony.

This track will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of underground house parties, instilling energy and drive on the dance floor during rush hour. It has an amazing ability to maintain tension and keep the audience’s attention.

Especially stands out the vocal component with experimental effects, which gives the track a memorable character and a sense of originality. Vocals not only complement the musical canvas, but are also an important element of its structure, giving the track recognizability and individuality.

Sepp – Sometimes [Minimal House]

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