Looking for a suitable look for a party? What to wear to a club for a girl?!

дресс-код nigth club лук ночной клуб

The main task of the outfit chosen for going to the club is a combination of convenience, brightness and attractiveness. That is, whatever you choose, you will not fit, firstly, clothes in which you will be uncomfortable, which restricts movement, presses or clings. Secondly, there are things that will look dull and uninteresting without highlighting their hostess in a dark room of a night establishment. After all, people come to the club in order to attract attention, joining the party. And, thirdly, such clothes will not suit you, which will make you less attractive: to plump, emphasize flaws or, conversely, hide advantages. What should a girl wear to the club in this case? We’ll figure it out. And for the mood, here’s our playlist for you!

правила дресс-кода ночной клуб

The basic rules of the dress code!

When choosing what to go to a club girl in, give preference to outfits that are not too provocative, but also not gray. It is easy to cross the fine line between frankness appropriate in a night institution and ugly vulgarity. It’s better to stand out with the color of your dress than its deep neckline. Choose models of saturated colors: even the craziest option at night will look appropriate.
Also, thinking about what to wear to a girl in a nightclub, choose light clothes made from natural fabrics. Still, it is quite hot in a cramped room, and there is no need to create additional conditions for increased sweating. Therefore, the selected items should have a short sleeve, a short length and bare you as much as possible within the bounds of decency and good taste.

Jeans are simple, but there are nuances.

Now that you have read the basic rules, let’s go specifically to what a girl should go to a nightclub in. One of the possible options is jeans combined with a top, T–shirt or T-shirt. Jeans fully meet the criterion of comfort, only classic models are better left for everyday wear. However, if you are looking for what clothes to go to the club in, choose jeans:

  • worn and torn;
  • with stripes and embroidery;
  • unusual color, such as red;
  • unusual style or cut, in particular, asymmetrical.
джинсы клуб ночной дресс-код лук

Specific models that are suitable for a youth party:

  • skinny;
  • boyfriends;
  • mass;
  • flared from the hip.
Don't forget to wear high–heeled shoes with jeans - this is the most advantageous combination for club parties.

Trousers that are like jeans.

Instead of jeans, you can choose trousers, but, of course, not classic. Suitable “chinos” of different colors: pink, yellow, blue, green, black. If you choose an achromatic model, for example black or white, be sure to pick up a bright top to it. A good option for a woman to go to a nightclub in is leather trousers. Leather is generally a trend of clothing designed for club parties.
The model of trousers can be any, but it is better to avoid shortened and flared styles. They look more appropriate in everyday life.

Shorts- not Bermuda shorts!

Another option that should be considered when choosing what to go to the club for a woman is shorts. It is better if they are also denim, but knitted ones are also suitable, and even (in exceptional cases, when the model looks quite stylish) sportive. Their length can be any, but give preference to short models covering the buttocks. Shorts can also be leather – as mentioned above, leather is very popular.
What models of shorts should be avoided are Bermuda shorts.

Skirts are a 100% winning option.

And of course, an indispensable clothing option is skirts. For a club party, consider only mini, midi and maxi models will not work. However, do not get carried away: too short a skirt can vulgarize even an otherwise decently composed look. The ideal length is up to the knee, perhaps a little higher.
Leather skirts are especially popular, as they seductively fit feminine forms. Nevertheless, products made of other materials are acceptable: silk, cotton, linen, denim… The style is any, except for a pencil skirt. This model is more suitable for offices than for clubs.

In general, when choosing what to wear to a nightclub for a woman, start from your own preferences. Nothing will tell you a better option than your own taste. But listen to the recommendations provided to be sure of the choice.

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