Home party or how to arrange a VIP party!

To have a party and have a good time, it is not necessary to go to a bar or a nightclub. A vacant house, townhouse or apartment can turn into a VIP club territory, where there will be only your favorite cocktails, music and, of course, people. Hosting a Home Party for the first time or planning for the next one? We have collected life hacks, read on…

Home party или как устроить домашнюю вечеринку!
Home party

Alcohol alone is not enough!

Attractive, young at heart and “hot” people – the main thing at the party. Of course, excellent music, delicious snacks and alcohol should be. However, remember your trips to the club. Aren’t the clubbers doing the main atmosphere? It will be just as interesting to be in an empty club as in an empty apartment 8-). Be sure to invite a couple of people who know how to create a fun and carefree atmosphere in any situation. If there are none among your friends, then feel free to invite indirect acquaintances (for example, from social networks, those whose feed you like and match your tastes). New faces revitalize the company and stir up interest. These people will set the tone for you. Remember – do not take on all the worries – have fun no less than others, because this is your party.
Moreover, do not invite acquaintances who have learned about the upcoming party, for a reason – it is inconvenient to refuse. Forget pity invitations, too. Imagine that they all failed face control.

Tequila boom

It is optimal to choose two or three types of alcohol. Lighter – wine or vermouth, and one or two strong – whiskey, tequila, gin, etc.. To surprise you can make a punch. A light alcoholic drink based on fruit juices with the addition of various spices. It is prepared very easily and quickly, and your guests will enjoy an exclusive drink!
Those who love it stronger will be able to try many cocktails of different strengths or drink pure alcohol – whoever is capable of anything.

Important: Make lots of ice, buy lime, mint, syrups and other ingredients for cocktails - the more the better.

Arrange in advance with a person who knows how to handle a shaker – a bartender at a party is another irreplaceable person. Also, don’t forget non-drinkers: order or make homemade lemonade or iced tea, for example. Let them see that you thought about them, and not just poured “cola” into glasses, which had not yet had time to go to dilute whiskey.

Snack – a lot, tasty and small pieces

Don’t spend a lot of time preparing meals. You are not having a dinner party, but a “Home party”! Focus on snacks (tartlets, sliced cheese, canapés, etc. sea options). Buy pizza, rolls or Wok.

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Music is everything!

Be sure to take your music seriously. Ideally, invite a local DJ who will delight you with excellent taste and mood. A DJ with charisma is sure to make the party unforgettable. Take care of the acoustics too! High-quality sound will spur guests to dance and you won’t have to wait until everyone is well “filled in”) The basic version is several JBL PartyBoxes!
It may not work with a DJ for some reason, then make or find a few playlists with dance music. Here are a few, they are collected tracks from the best DJ sets that we had to record! Alternatively, you can run video sets from our YouTube channel on your TV screen.

Playlists for Home Party

VK Music

Two weeks before the party

When deciding on the date of the party, focus on your main guests – those without whom you cannot imagine your party. Arrange with a DJ, bartender. It is worth sending out invitations about two weeks in advance so that a person does not have time to make plans for this weekend. As the date approaches, be sure to send out reminders that you are waiting for them.

If you really want to invite a person, but he is not in the mood to have fun – depression, suffers from allergies or sorts out relations with his ex, it is better to forget about it. Firstly, the guest will feel uncomfortable, and secondly, it can ruin the mood of the rest and the party will flow in the wrong direction.

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The night before the party

First, hide all the items that can shatter into fragments: your favorite vase, appliances, etc. , which is not needed at the party. Secondly, free up hangers for outerwear and shoes in the hallway (if you plan to force guests to take off their shoes). Moreover, lock your valuables – probably this evening several unfamiliar people will come to you, it is better to play it safe. Don’t forget to stock up on napkins, paper towels, trash bags and disposable tableware. Of course, choose large paper or plastic glasses that are only half full – there is less chance that guests will spill the drink when they dance. Prepare a first aid kit. Maybe someone will need activated charcoal or ammonia.

Create an atmosphere, add lights – LED garlands or neon elements. A smart lamp with color and brightness adjustment is a great solution. Buy sparklers or crackers, confetti and serpentine – you will get cool photos for instagram.

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There is never too much party

If you notice that someone has gone over – immediately call a taxi. He will resist, but the next morning, most likely, we will be grateful. Try to ensure that there are no conflicts. They are of no use to you.

If you feel that the party is coming to its logical conclusion, and the guests are in no hurry to disperse, you can give them a hint – start cleaning, or even better, ask one of your friends to help you. The rest will disappear instantly.

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