Mushtukov – video dj set [minimal, deep, tech] , Minsk

Video recorded in Minsk is an exciting DJ set by the talented artist Mushtukov, known for his mastery of minimal, deep and tech house / techno styles.

Mushtukov has skillfully selected the tracks and demonstrates his skill in mixing the tracks. This DJ set will bring listeners the excitement and enjoyment of virtuoso sounds, making it a great option for all lovers and connoisseurs of electronic music, especially those who are into minimal, deep and tech house.

Mushtukov dj set [minimal, deep, tech] Proletarijat Iam303fusion Minsk

Location: ” Proletarijat “, Minsk

Artist :


You can support the live mixes by donating here: donationalerts

Style: Minimal / DeepTech / House / Break .

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