‘Music Taught Me Life’ by Rosbeh [Progressive House]

In the world of electronic music, every track is a story told by sounds. They can take us into a hurricane of dance rhythms, immerse us in an ocean of harmonies or lead us through a labyrinth of melodies. The track “Music Taught Me Life” by Rosbeh takes us to the world of Progressive/Deep House. You can feel the energy and epic mood, imbued with notes of romance.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Rosbeh
Title: Music Taught Me Life
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive / Deep House

Let’s start with the compositional structure. The dynamics characteristic of the progressive music style can be clearly seen here, where each section flows smoothly into the next, creating a sense of constant movement and development. This is perfectly illustrated by the alternation of melodic and rhythmic elements throughout the track, keeping the listener in a constant state of auditory excitement.

There is a noticeable influence of classical music in the track, probably due to Rosbeh’s classical education. This is reflected in the use of piano, which complements the modern electronic sounds, creating a unique and recognizable style.

In terms of sound design, Rosbeh has demonstrated a high level of craftsmanship. Here we see an elegant fusion of deep bass characteristic of Deep House with quality synthesizer chords, which creates an atmosphere of harmony and emotional intensity.

“Music Taught Me Life” is a worthy contribution to the world of Progressive/Deep House from a talented musician who continues to evolve and experiment with his sound.

“This song was made when I felt at my lowest. I was struggling financially which led me into questioning my whole music career – to comfort myself I started to play piano and after a few hours I created ”Music Taught Me Life“. I realised no matter where I will be in my career or my musical success, what matters is the art I’m creating and how it makes me feel. And this is kinda the message I’m trying to spread – wherever you are in your life, you’re at the right place learning an important lesson. Trust yourself more and follow what makes you happy.”


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