‘Are You Ready’ by Bohm [Melodic House&Techno]

The track “Are You Ready” by the duo Bohm is imbued with the energy and epic mood typical of melodic house and techno [Melodic House&Techno]. Bohm’s sound is characterized by technical mastery and expansiveness, giving the music both intimacy and power.

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Artist: Bohm
Title: Are You Ready
Genre: Electronic
Style: Melodic House&Techno

“Are You Ready” invites us on a journey both inside and outside of ourselves. This track inspires us to find new ideas and energy, as well as immerse us in the world of our own emotions and experiences.

Bohm strive not just to create music, but to use it as a motivator for creative individuals in various fields of art. Their musical compositions are not just tracks, but glowing torches that light the way to new ideas and possibilities.

However, despite their technical prowess, it sometimes seems that Bohm could have experimented more with sonic textures and composition structure to add more variety and depth to their work.

Bohm – Are You Ready [Melodic House&Techno]

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