‘Nishati’ by MI.LA, Maxxim [Organic/Progressive House]

The track “Nishati” by Russian duo MI.LA and Maxxim is a noteworthy representative of Organic / Progressive House style. It’s worth noting at once that the track offers energetic and epic mood, backed by bright oriental sexuality.

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: MI.LA, Maxxim
Title: Nishati
Genre: Electronic
Style: Organic / Progressive House.


Sounds design in “Nishati” is meticulously crafted . Oriental motifs are beautifully woven into the tribal rhythms of percussion, creating an authentic atmosphere. This combination sounds fresh and easy on the ear without overloading the arrangement with unnecessary elements. The vocal samples add depth, but could have been a bit more “refined” to create more emotional response.

MI.LA and Maxxim showed a good level of production. Mastering is done on a high level, every element sounds clear and balanced. Overall, “Nishati” is a quality track for Organic / Progressive House lovers and will fit perfectly into your daily playlist or DJ set.

MI.LA, Maxxim – Nishati [Organic/Progressive House]

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