‘Fuego En El Antro’ by Andree Beatz [Minimal House]

“Fuego En El Antro” by young Italian producer Andree Beatz is a Minimal Deep House style track that aims to create an energetic and positive mood with a slight romantic note. The track sounds pleasant and brings the listener a feeling of freshness and lightness.

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Andree Beatz
Title: Fuego En El Antro
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal / Deep House


From the first sounds you can feel the careful elaboration of the sound design. Ringing elements with a light, almost cheerful atmosphere fit well into the overall mix, creating an image of a bright and rainbow dance floor under the rays of the sun.

As far as mixing is concerned, Andree Beatz has done a good job here. All elements are clearly aligned in frequencies, there is no congestion or conflict between instruments. This shows a good command of production, which is a big plus for a young producer.

In general, “Fuego En El Antro” is a quality track that sounds good and fits into the canons of Minimal Deep House style. The ringing elements and crisp percussion are good, but there needs to be more creativity and uniqueness in the bass line and overall structure of the track. With such potential, Andree Beatz should take a chance and add more innovation to their music.

Andree Beatz – Fuego En El Antro [Minimal House]

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