‘People (Club Mix)’ by Magnetic Machines [House/Chicago House]

“People (Club Mix)” by the duo Magnetic Machines is a nostalgic journey back to the heyday of house music, when Chicago dictated music trends. The track puts you in a positive and relaxed mood, immersing you in a mix of old-school soul and funk with touches of nu-disco. It’s a combination of styles that is truly breathtaking.

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Artist: Magnetic Machines
Title: People (Club Mix)
Genre: Electronic
Style: House/Chicago House.


The intro of the track stands out immediately. Magnetic Machines starts with an organ riff that sounds like it was transported straight from a Sunday church service. This creates an atmosphere of anticipation and instantly grabs attention. The introduction of the organ is not just a tribute to classic Chicago house. But also a hint to a time when live instruments were on par with drum machines and synthesizers.

“People” has a clear message. It’s not just dance music, but a call for unity and love in dark times. The vocal inserts add emotionality, emphasizing the importance of unity.

Compared to the original, the club mix offers a more energetic sound. Additional percussion enhances the rhythm, making the track even more suitable for the dance floor. Nevertheless, it can be noted that the mix is overloaded in places. For example, in the middle of the track there are several moments when all instruments play simultaneously. This creates some sense of imbalance.

In conclusion, “People (Club Mix)” is an example of how you can breathe new life into old-school sounds. Magnetic Machines have created a track that not only respects the legacy of the past, but also sounds relevant to today’s audience. Despite minor flaws in production, the track is appealing with its positive energy and groove. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always room for joy and dance.

Magnetic Machines – People (Club Mix) [House/Chicago House]

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