‘Who Got Da?’ by Dalton Taylor [Techno/Detroit Techno]

“Who Got Da?” by Dalton Taylor, released on Kevin Saunderson’s legendary label KMS Records, is a prime example of Techno/Detroit Techno. The track is energized and aggressive, perfect for peak hour on the dance floor.

As soon as you press play, you can immediately hear the solid and powerful beat that characterizes classic Detroit Techno. Dalton uses a recognizable rhythmic pattern based on a steady four-dozen beat and accented basslines. The bass line is tight but not overpowering, creating a foundation for the track’s further development.

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Dalton Taylor
Title: Who Got Da?
Genre: Electronic
Style: Detroit Techno.


However, the track doesn’t strive for innovation. Dalton Taylor uses time-tested techniques and sounds, which makes the track predictable, but no less qualitative. The lack of unnecessary experimentation in production allows you to focus on the basics – groove and atmosphere.

Soundscape of “Who Got Da?” is perfectly balanced. Every frequency is in its place, which indicates a high level of production. The midrange doesn’t drown out the upper frequencies, and the bass doesn’t overshadow the kick. This balance allows the track to sound powerful and clear even on a large system.

In terms of arrangement Dalton Taylor followed the canons of the style. The track is built on a classic scheme with a gradual build-up of intensity and dynamics. There are no sudden jumps or unexpected transitions, which makes the track easy to mix and use in sets.

“Who Got Da?” – is a solid track that will find its place in the arsenal of any DJ working in Techno or Detroit Techno style. This is not a revolution in style, but a quality and competent execution of classic techniques. Dalton Taylor proves his skills by creating a track that will make the dance floor vibrate.

Dalton Taylor – Who Got Da? [Techno]

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