‘Saqi’ by Sherryx & Nikita [Organic/ Melodic House]

“Saqi” by the duo Sherryx & Nikita is a bright embodiment of Melodic House with organic elements that give it a special charm. This composition has not only dance potential, but also emotionality, leaving the listener in a state of uplift.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Sherryx & Nikita
Title: Saqi
Genre: Electronic
Style: Organic / Melodic House

Female oriental vocals in the track add sexiness and mystery, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. It fits perfectly into the overall soundscape, complementing the melodic passages and rhythmic pulsations.

“Saqi” can be characterized as a journey into the world of Persian poetry through the prism of modern organic and melodic house sound. This track is not only pleasant to the ear, but also has deep cultural undertones, which makes it unique and appealing to the audience.

Worth noting is the sound . Clean, balanced and professionally mixed. All elements of the composition sound harmonious and do not overload the ear. The rhythmic section creates a sense of dynamism and drive. The track is ideal for dancing and creates an atmosphere of fun with a certain flavor.

In the end, “Saqi” by Sherryx & Nikita is music that can capture you with its exciting atmosphere and beauty of sound. It combines masterful production, soulful vocals and the magic of the east. It is a complete art of sound that leaves an impression and brings pleasure to everyone who discovers this composition.

Sherryx & Nikita – Saqi [Organic/ Melodic House]

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