‘Gonna Make You Mine’ by Sonic Rain [Techno]

“Gonna Make You Mine” by Sonic Rain from UK is an energetic piece of work at the crossroads between techno and house, infused with the spirit of Detroit Techno and inspired by 90’s raves. The groove and confident percussion create the backbone of the track, which is definitely suitable for the dancefloor.

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Artist: Sonic Rain
Title: Gonna Make You Mine
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno / Detroit Techno

The dub delay chords in the track “Gonna Make You Mine” by Sonic Rain play an important role, adding contrast and variety to the sound. They create a delayed sound effect, which gives the song depth and volume. In addition, these chords emphasize the rhythmic structure of the track. A kind of metronome, which directs the movement of the music forward. They create a sense of constant movement and development, maintaining the dynamics of the composition throughout the track.

In addition, the emotional delivery of the vocals enhances the sexual perception. A male voice gives the track an intimate and passionate feel. The emotional intonations add layers of meaning to the lyrics and deepen the connection between the music and the listener, creating an intimate atmosphere on the dance floor.

The quality of the mixing deserves special attention. A professional approach to sound mixing ensures that every element of the composition is clear and transparent. Balance between bass, drums, vocals and dub chords is maintained at a high level, which creates a powerful sound and pleasant listening experience. The dynamic range is organically distributed, not giving a bias to one side and keeping the energy of the track throughout the entire playback.

Contrary to some predictability, the track remains appealing due to its fresh take on 90’s rave styles. “Gonna Make You Mine” is a strong representative of the modern sound within the style, capable of winning the hearts of club music lovers.

Sonic Rain – Gonna Make You Mine [Techno]

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