“Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll” – Musical Ecstasy

музыка секс наркотики
Musical Ecstasy

The music is truly amazing and captivating. Scientists have even shown which songs catch your ears the fastest, and which ones are not so easy to get out of your head. The musical ecstasy during performances is also well known to concertgoers and clubbers. But what do scientists say?

It turns out that the slogan “sex, drugs and rock and roll” is really not unreasonable. A recent study showed that music affects the brain in the same way that sex and drugs do.

Fact about music.

музыка удовольствие

Participants in an experiment at McGill University in Canada were given naltrexone. This drug interferes with the normal functioning of the brain’s pleasure system. Due to these properties, it is often used in therapy for people addicted to heroin and alcohol.

As a result, the researchers found that the participants did not experience the same level of enjoyment from listening to their favorite music after taking naltrexone. However, when drunken participants were played songs they didn’t particularly like, there was little to no reaction to the music.

Notably, psychologist Daniil Levitin said of this study:
This is the first demonstration that brain opioids are involved in music enjoyment. These are the results we expected, but the stories of the participants who shared them with us after the experiment were fascinating. One of them said: “I knew it was my favorite track, but I don’t feel it as usual”, the other said: “Sounds good, but it doesn’t affect me at all”.

Night clubs and music!

ночной клуб музыка

Moreover, going to clubs can also cause ecstasy! The main thing is to love electronic music and let your brain do its thing. You can often hear that the clubber is sure to use drugs. This is fundamentally wrong.

Therefore, music and the right atmosphere are enough to enjoy!
ЁLKIN Live DJ Set Deep Tech Minimal ЁLKIN B52 / Asia Experience R_sound video

A few years ago we filmed a daytime rave in Moscow – ЛУЧ II by Adidas and Resonance Moscow. This is great proof! Therefore, going to clubs and parties is not necessarily accompanied by the use of illegal substances. Many participants in such events often simply know how to relax only under the influence of sound waves!

Music and taste!

In addition, more and more researchers are paying attention to music. It has recently been shown that the right sounds affect the perceived taste of beer. When listening to low sounds, we feel more bitter, while listening to high sounds feels sweeter.

Other studies have shown that metal is indeed calming, while heavy metal fans are the least likely to cheat. There were also studies that showed which concerts and festivals attendees had the most sex at.

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