‘Tease Me’ by Fleanger [DeepHouse]

“Tease Me” by Fleanger is a perfect example of harmonious fusion of relaxed mood and light optimism, characteristic of Deep House style. Melodic shimmers and vocal parts with a pleasant timbre create an atmosphere filled with positive emotions.

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Artist: Fleanger
Title: Tease Me
Genre: Electronic
Style: DeepHouse

“When people listen to my music, I want them to feel a sense of confidence and have hope in their lives — I want my music to inspire people to have in their life what I struggled to find when I was young, before I discovered music.”


Fleanger’s production handwriting is evident in the fact that the track is listened to as a whole, where every note and sound is in its place. His music is not only pleasing to the ear, but also reflects his professionalism and ability to create quality compositions.

FLEANGER’s stage name not only reflects his passion for music and electronic sounds, but also has a story of its own. When he was growing up, he found it difficult to socialize with others his age. He began to use art as a way to express himself and escape from his problems. This music enthusiast learned to express his feelings and emotions through art, starting with drawing and piano, and eventually found his calling in writing music.

Inspired by giants of the music industry such as Vivaldi, Mozart and Pink Floyd, Fleanger creates music that not only sounds pleasing, but also transports listeners into a world of his own emotions and inspiration. His music is a story that he endeavors to tell to anyone willing to listen.

Fleanger – Tease Me [DeepHouse]

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