‘All That She Do’ by Forge [TechHouse/Jackin]

“All That She Do” by Forge is a true energetic cocktail filled with underground house vibes. The track is clearly influenced by TechHouse with its characteristic piercing kick-drum that hits you right in the heart.

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Artist: Forge
Title: All That She Do
Genre: Electronic
Style: TechHouse / Jackin House / Old-school

From Jackin House comes a relentless groove that makes the body move to the rhythm of each bass beat. This element adds a genuine energy and dynamism to the track.

Old-school influence in samples and rhythm chords should also be noted. They give the track a unique character and authenticity, bringing us back to the golden era of house music.

Forge has done a great job with dynamics and mixing, providing a perfect balance between each element of the composition. Every detail sounds bright and clear, creating a stunning sonic journey for listeners.

Undoubtedly, “All That She Do” is a track that will not leave any connoisseur of authentic house music indifferent. It makes you close your eyes and immerse yourself in the full depth of the sound palette of this style.

Forge – All That She Do [TechHouse/Jackin]

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