‘Way of Water’ by Kontaktees [Organic/Progressive House]

“Way of Water” by Kontaktees is a rippling smooth ode to Progressive House Organic House style, offering listeners a spiritual journey. Mixing distilled Organic House with oriental samples and a soothing voice creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a detox cocktail for the mind.

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Artist: Kontaktees
Title: Way of Water
Genre: Electronic
Style: Organic/Progressive House

Kontaktees’ project is clearly aimed at an audience with a genuine thirst for immersion in the world of spiritual practices. “Way of Water” carries an aura of mysticism, combining elements of electronic sound with an ancient mantra that seems to whisper to the listener about their place in the universe.

The track “Teya”, co-produced with Aunika, shows that Kontaktees is not just a musical project, but an explorer of spiritual frontier territories. The ensemble of elements in “Way of Water” highlights their desire to communicate with the divine and extraterrestrial civilizations.

It all fits into Kontaktees’ philosophy, which sees every fluctuation of energy as part of the infinite causality in the universe. The creativity presented in the track acts as a high-frequency generator, raising vibrations and serving as a positive trigger for overall spiritual development.

“Way of Water” is not just music, but a guide in learning about oneself and one’s place in the universe. Kontaktees emphasizes that each person is an important link in this vast universe, and their work is designed to reveal this integral connection.

Kontaktees – Way of Water[Progressive House]

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