‘When You Gonna’ by illyus & Barrientos [House/TechHouse]

Scottish duo Illyus & Barrientos are back on Toolroom Records with “When You Gonna”. From the first seconds you can feel the signature: sexy atmosphere, positive mood and a driving beat.

Toolroom Records is really a hit factory in the world of dance music, steadily continuing its influence and dictating trends in the genres of house and techno.

And the new track “When You Gonna” by illyus & Barrientos in House/TechHouse style fits into the label’s catalog with impeccable precision, offering listeners another spectacular work that can blow up dancefloors around the world.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: illyus & Barrientos
Title: When You Gonna
Genre: Electronic
Style: House/TechHouse

It is worth noting the quality work of sound producers. The sound is dense, balanced, all elements are read perfectly. And dynamics of the track is built competently, there are peak moments and moments of calm. The track is good for mixing with other house compositions.


  • Female vocals in the best traditions of house – sensual, melodic, perfectly lays down on the music.
  • Dense bass pumps as it should, creating a powerful basis for dancing.
  • Interesting melodies in the verse and chorus do not let you get bored.
  • Proper structure of the track – clear division into verses, chorus, bridge and drop – all elements are in their places.

But it’s worth noting that it lacks novelty. You get the feeling that you’ve heard something like this somewhere before. Some elements of the sound seem to be formulaic. The development of the track is predictable, without surprises. The breakdown could have been more creative, more unexpected sounds or effects could have been used.

In any case, When You Gonna is a good commercial house track, which will be perfect for getting the dance floor going in a club or at a festival. It will be appreciated by fans of classic house with a driving beat, sexy atmosphere and melodic vocals.

illyus & Barrientos – When You Gonna [TechHouse]

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