‘Jax Trax’ EP by Dalton Taylor [Techno/ Detroit Techno]

The new mini-album by Dalton Taylor titled “Jax Trax” is an opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of Techno and Detroit Techno. Where relentless energy and straightforward mood reign supreme. The EP comprises two tracks: “Diss Track” and “Jack Track”. Both demonstrate Taylor’s skill in crafting a sound that pays homage to the classics while incorporating a modern touch.

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Artist: Dalton Taylor
Title: Jax Trax EP
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno / Detroit Techno

Dalton Taylor – Diss Track

“Diss Track” kicks off the EP with a punch, featuring bold chords in a classic techno structure. The track wastes no time in establishing a driving rhythm, reminiscent of the genre’s roots. Taylor skillfully employs vintage synthesizer sounds, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that nods to the golden era of Detroit Techno. The incorporation of sliced vocal samples adds a layer of intrigue, elevating the overall intensity.

Dalton Taylor – Diss Track

Dalton Taylor – Jack Track

On the flip side, “Jack Track” takes a more industrial turn, putting a strong emphasis on percussive elements. The drum patterns dominate, driving the track forward with relentless force. This industrial approach adds a grittier texture to the EP. The chopped vocal snippets continue to make their presence felt, weaving through the relentless beats and contributing to the track’s hypnotic allure.

Dalton Taylor – Jack Track

Jax Trax

Both tracks exude an authentic old-school atmosphere, paying homage to the roots of Techno but with a modern approach. Taylor skillfully balances tradition and innovation, creating a sonic experience that resonates with both seasoned techno enthusiasts and a new generation of listeners.

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