‘Why Do I’ by Matt Fax & Maxim Lany ft. Cartouche [MelodicHouse&Techno]

Meet the new sonic embodiment of energy and epicness in the world of electronic music – “Why Do I”, a fresh track by the duo of Matt Fax and Maxim Lany with vocals by Cartouche. It’s not just a composition, it’s a sonic collision between two masters of the studio scene that combines the best aspects of Progressive House and Melodic House&Techno.

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Matt Fax, Maxim Lany, Cartouche
Title: Why Do I
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive / MelodicHouse&Techno


In it you can feel their striving for perfection, expressed through a bold combination of progressive and melodic techno. However, despite the strong influence of trends and stylistic preferences, the track retains originality and freshness thanks to experiments with sounds.

For example, the track uses non-standard sound effects and textures, which give it a unique sound and distinguish it from the mass of similar compositions. About halfway through the track, you can hear a transition that masterfully creates an exhilarating feeling of intertwined emotions and energy on the dance floor.

In general, “Why Do I” is an impressive work, which will surely find its fan among the connoisseurs of both progressive and melodic techno and house.

Matt Fax & Maxim Lany ft. Cartouche – Why Do I [MelodicHouse&Techno]

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