‘How High?’ by Talee (SX2 Remix) [Indie Dance]

“How High?” by Talee remixed by the SX2 brothers presents an energetic and moody sound, Indie Dance and Progressive House styles. Combining elements of NEW WAVE with a modern aesthetic, this track offers the listener a catchy track that stands out from the current electronic music scene.

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Artist: Talee, SX2
Title: How High? (SX2 Remix)
Genre: Electronic
Style: Indie Dance

Talee is a rising star in the electronic music scene, known for his exciting live performances and innovative sound. Using his own voice combined with synthesizers and guitar gives his music a unique atmosphere and recognizable style.

SX2’s remix brings new sonic textures and reinterprets the original, making it more contemporary and appealing to an audience that appreciates experimentation in music

SX2 skillfully intertwine complex electronic soundscapes with Talee’s introspective lyrics, creating an atmosphere that immerses you in a world of synthetic rhythms and sounds . Here you can hear vintage synthesizers, guitar overdubs and electronic beats combined into a cohesive whole. All this gives the track a unique character.

Overall, the remix of “How High?” by SX2 and Talee is a great example of how classic genres can be reinterpreted in a modern sound, creating something new and appealing to listeners who are ready to experiment in music.

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