Best techno music tracks April 2022!

If you are in dire need of quality Techno. Listen to these tracks that we think need your attention. In the chin you will find the top 10 hot Techno music tracks!

Слушать топ  10 техно треки 2022
top 10 Techno music

So, our top techno tracks April 2022:

1. Lars Huismann – Sounds from the Past I

The track was released by Mutual Rytm label, release under catalog number MR-002.

2. KUSS – Back

3. Valera Unusov – Advanced Technologies

The Russian producer focused on Acid in the second part of the track and made the right decision. The track was released by our label We Can Do Everything!

4. Rene Wise – Screeching

5. Parallx – Dacal 1498

A very interesting composition, not a standard set and sound makes it unforgettable.

6. Remco Beekwilder – Belladonna

Although the track was released in 2021. He is worthy and requires special attention!

7. Raär – Signature

A bomb that will tear the dance floor apart! The fast rhythm and melancholic PAD are energizing.

8. Pfirter – Mostly 134

9. Lakej, Oxygeno – Dimensional Transmutation

Here, the ultra harmonies of plasma guns combined with a powerful kick – smash the brain cells!

10. Arnaud Le Texier, Uväll – 2022 – Uväll Remix

In addition, we apply our playlist with techno music!

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