Best melodic progressive house tracks November 2022!

Outside the window frost and snow. Would you like to warm up with a warm and melodic vibe? Listen to these tracks that we think need your attention. In the chin you will find the top 10 warming melodic progressive house tracks!

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So, our top progressive and melodic house tracks of November 2022 are:

1. Cipy & Saro Carrasi – Innaloo

A mesmerizing atmosphere through the modern journey of the “Innalu” tribe from Italy-based Cipy.

2. Deenara – Fateful Journey

Powerful bass, piquant and hypnotic lead parts.

3. Shy Weatherman – Am I Pretty

“I’ve always wanted to only positively influence people with my music” – independent producer from South Texas, USA.

4. Perfecto Model – Perfecto Model

This progressive house track will immerse you in a warm atmosphere. He hugs and doesn’t let go.

5. Darem Aissa – Syriana

Arabic shades of this track from the Syrian producer will take you to the fairy tale “1000 and 1 night”.

6. Peter Makto – Kyoto Sunset

7. Pintamooner – Mamut

8. Tommy Loude – Glass On Skin

It will surround you with a dynamic groove, mesmerizing solos and mysterious vocals.

9. DoubtingThomas feat. Pheek – All Yours

A reminder of the characteristic attention to detail, great and emphasized variety.

10. Ancode – Fiesta

These and many other tracks, in the same vein, are in our playlists:

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